A weeks worth of salad in a jar!

Ok. I know…I know. I haven’t posted for a while. I have no excuses, we have just been busy! But….that doesn’t mean I haven’t been faithfully trying new Pintrest ideas! Now I am going to try to catch you all up.

I came across this post about making a weeks worth of salad lunches and putting them in Mason Jars and storing them in the fridge. I thought it would be perfect for all those hard working busy parents (me) who need to have a little healthier meals but saving some time, and money!

The thought behind the pintrest idea was if the lettuce didn’t touch the dressing it wouldn’t get mushy. I LOVE salad so I thought I would try it. I have to admit I started out very small. I made two Monday night. I already had some wide mouth quart Mason jars so I pulled them out of the pantry, made sure I had lids and they were clean. I made a quick trip to the store to get the preferred goodies for my salad and went to town.

I estimated the amount of dressing on the bottom. it was maybe an 1/4 inch or less from the bottom of the jar. I used a natural creamy balsamic dressing that I had bought a few weeks ago and really like, but of course you could use any dressing you like. Some people were concerned over ranch dressing, but I think if it sat with the vegetables it would be just a little runny to help mix it over your salad. Or my other thought was to tip it upside down aprox 15 minutes before you were going to eat it and then shake it up. I wanted to make sure that all the vegetables that wouldn’t get soggy sitting in the dressing would go on the bottom. So I cut up some carrots. I used baby carrots I already had and just diced them into small circles. Then i added some grape tomatoes and cheese, I added some diced onion, and then some sliced cucumber. I was worried the cucumbers wouldn’t come out of the jar easily so I sliced them and then cut the slices into quarters. I then added some chopped up leftover steak, small broccoli florets, and then the cleaned red and green leaf lettuce. I really packed in the lettuce.

I took one jar with me on Tuesday and the second jar with me today. I was extremely impressed. The two salads I made were not soggy. The lettuce and vegetables were very crisp and tasty. The only think I would do differently would be to move the cucumbers up in the chain. maybe on top of the meat. They were marinated in the dressing, which was fine, but I wonder if they sat all week if it would be a little much. At lunch all I did was turn the jar upside down, give it some good shaking, and then pour it all on a plate.

All in all the end product was very satisfactory, and considering you would spend about $8-15 dollars at a restaurant for a similar salad what a great money saving idea! You could totally change up the salads on a weekly or even daily basis by adding different veggies, dressings, or meat! Next week I am going to make a weeks worth.

Here is a picture of the end product! Don’t they just look yummy??