Orange/Vinegar Cleaner

I have been trying to go greener on some of my cleaners, and not using such harsh items while still not breaking the bank. I came across this idea here.

I had some oranges, and some vinegar so I put some in a jar.


I let it sit aprox 2 weeks to make sure it was good and orange smelling. After it had set on the kitchen counter (with the small miracle that nobody knocked it over or broke it). After I felt it was done I got a spray bottle that had been used before and just washed it out very well. I took out the orange peels and poured the vinegar mixture into the bottle using a funnel.



I love the orange smell. I use it the counters, sink, and bathtub. I have yet to give up using my lysol wipes on the toilet. 3 guys in the house my toilet can get kinda nasty and I just don’t feel right if it isn’t sparkly clean! I am running out here shortly and have another batch in the making.



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