Creamed Corn Turkey Soup

We were making supper tonight and had done beer can chickens and wanted to do something with the leftover chicken. This soup has been a favorite of ours for a very long time (over 6 years). I originally got it from the Kraft Food website.

I have used leftover turkey, chicken, canned chicken, or have boiled a chicken breast then shredded it and used it. If I boil the chicken I used the leftover water instead of chicken broth.

I started off sauteing the onions and peppers. For the double batch I used a whole onion and a whole red pepper. I never save any of the red pepper for the topping.


While those are cooking I cubed the cream cheese and once the onions and peppers are good and soft I added the cream cheese.


Then once the cream cheese was mixed and melted I added the creamed corn and mixed in.


Once that was all mixed together I added the milk. I have found that warming the milk in the microwave helps. When the milk is cold it tends to curdle the cream cheese.


Then I added the chicken broth.


Then I added my chopped up chicken.


You can’t really tell the chicken is in there, but I promise it is. Added pepper to taste and it is done! This is super simple and you can serve it once it is heated through. Love this soup!




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