Homemade starters for your bonfire, fireplace, or woodstove

I ave to admit. This is not an idea I got off Pintrest. I know the horror and the gasps inserted *here*. I got the idea as I had purchased some starters similar to these and when we were using them I thought, these are simple enough I could make them myself. I had some leftover wax from some candles that I used.

Ok, here is my disclaimer. I have used these homemade starters and they work great for us, but I am no way responsible should you make/use yourself!

Basically I got little paper cups (I believe you can find them at maybe Sam’s or a party supply store) and melted my wax. I poured the wax into the cups until they were equal to the top and let them dry. Vola! It was that simple. Usually when using them to start a fire we put it on a log and start with a candle lighter. What I mean is a long click lighter.




When pouring the wax into the cups I do put something like cardboard or something under it as if you spill it is a quick clean up.


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