Crack Dip AKA: Bacon Cheddar Dip

I was looking for something for Super Bowl Sunday. Since I had the flu this weekend I wanted something super easy I could make when I was feeling ok and the hubby could snack on anytime. I found this recipe here.

I gathered up my ingredients.


And mixed everything together. I am sure I didn’t have exactly 1 cup of cheese and my bacon bits weren’t 3 oz it was 2.8 oz.


The recipe said to let it sit aprox 24 hours, but I have no patience for that. We thought it was a bit salty so I ended up mixing in another 8 oz of sour cream. I think I should have then added more cheese, but it was good. It wasn’t an instant hit, but it was something different.

Next time if I were to make it again I would use real bacon crumbles that I cook. I think it would have made it better if the bacon were crispy. We served it with Ritz crackers.


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