Million Dollar Casserole

So Sunday night while I was baking I decided I would make Million Dollar Casserole for Mondays supper. You can find the original recipe here.

I used what macaroni noodles I had and started cooking them per the directions on the box. I prefer to use Barilla Pasta. No matter what it never sticks together. I browned 1 lb of sausage for the optional meat portion of the recipe. I located the ingredients for the filling (added a tablespoon garlic to the mix) and mixed them together.


After the noodles were done, I put half into my 9×13 casserole dish. On top of that I spread out the filling and then placed the sausage on that.


Then I placed the rest of the noodles on top of the sausage and placed pasta sauce on that. I used Ragu sauce and used about a jar and a half.


On the top I spread 2 cups mozzerilla cheese. The recipe said to let it sit overnight and then bake the next day. I don’t remember seeing if this was optional or not. In my humble opinion I don’t believe it is a nessasary step, but maybe just one of convenience if you are looking to just have something to make ahead of time to pop into the oven.

We came home the next night and cooked it after work for aprox 45 minutes. Here are photos of the top, and then inside so you can see the layers.



The kids liked this. The hubby requested more sauce and more stuff in the sauce.

To make this again I would put sauce on both layers of noodles and then add veggies either in the casserole or in the sauce. When I put the sauce on the top of the casserole I assumed it would seep down through the noodles and get all layers, but it really didn’t do that. It was a fairly easy dish that reminded me a lot of a lasagna, but without some of the hard work. It definitely works for a weeknight dinner!


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