Whole Wheat Banana Bread

So I am a bread fiend! I am constantly finding ways to improve our bread so A. I can still eat lots of it, and B. it is healthier for me and my family. I came across this recipe here, and thought I would try it.

I mashed up 3 bananas with a fork. I only had one “ripe” banana, so I used the other two less ripe bananas. I believe the only difference is the riper bananas have more flavor.


I started the blender mixing the eggs, honey, and applesauce. I did use sweetened applesauce as it what what I had on hand.


While those were mixing in a separate bowl I measured out the whole wheat flour and baking powder mixing those dry ingredients with a fork.


Then I added the bananas into my mixer with the eggs, honey, and applesauce.


I slowly added the dry ingredients to the egg mixture in the mixer and mixed until everything was blended. I then placed into a greased bread pan.


Here is a picture of the finished product. Doesn’t it look yummy?


I really liked this recipe. My oldest ate it up, and my youngest ate a slice but wasn’t really fond of it. I have a hard time finding a whole wheat recipe where it isn’t so dense and heavy that I can sneak it by the rest of the family. I have tried other recipes substituting the applesauce for oil and this is the best one I have found. It was sweet and moist. The recipe was simple and very easy to make.

My take away for next time:
I think maybe next time I’ll do 1/2 white flour, and 1/2 wheat flour. If the kids don’t care for that I’ll try all white flour. The applesauce and honey were a perfect amount.
I also think this recipe would have been better split into two bread pans. It was so large in the middle the sides were pretty crispy when the middle finally got done. It is still great heated up in the microwave with butter on top. Mmmm…


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