Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread

I was on a bread kick this weekend. I have decided I’ll spread my posts out through the week as if I do a new item every night I’ll end up killing myself off. So this last weekend I did a few things on Sunday. It was the perfect day to do it. It gives us breakfast items for the week and leftovers for lunches! I was scrolling through Pintrest and found this recipe. It called for Blueberries/bread/and cream cheese. Sounded like a winner to me!

I first started out zesting my orange. It took almost the whole orange and when I zested it I took a knive and chopped it into fine pieces. While I zested the orange I had set the cream cheese filling to mix. When the filling was done mixing I then added my orange peels and mixed a minute more. After that was complete I set the filling in a bowl and put inside the fridge per the recipes recommendation. After I finished with the orange I made some new “flavored” water with the rest of the orange, some strawberries and fresh lime juice. It was fabulous!



Next I made the topping and set it aside. It was pretty brown from the Vanilla. I used Pure Vanilla Extract.


Then I put the butter and sugar in the mixer and mixed until well blended.


I added the egg yolks. I had used fresh farm eggs I had gotten from a friend so I noticed mine were a bit yellow than the eggs I would buy from the store.


After that I mixed in my milk and dry ingredients, alternating per the recipe. I removed the dough from the bowl and set aside so I could whip the egg whites. I did notice my dough was pretty sticky.



After whipping the egg whites and adding the sugar I stirred it into the dough mixture by hand. I then took my blueberries (I used 2 cups) out of the freezer and mixed with 1 tbsp flour and added it to the dough. That was a mistake. I should have taken them out of the freezer when I initially started to let them thaw. I had forgotten to do that, and when I added them to the dough it kind of froze the dough making it hard to spread. After I spread out the bottom layer of dough I got out the cream cheese filling and added that on top. The cream cheese filling covered the bottom layer of the dough.


I wish I would have gotten a picture of the top prior to cooking it, but I forgot in my frustration! It looked horrible, and I thought for sure it wouldn’t turn out. The top layer of dough didn’t spread very well due to it being frozen and I thought for sure it was going to ruin it. Of course I didn’t wait to let it thaw out. Somehow though when it cooked the top layer spread out and it was fine. Whew!

Here is a picture of the finished product!


I noticed after the initial cooking time when I checked the bread the middle was still wiggly. I shut off the oven and let it set for another 15 min after the fact and then let it cool out on the counter. This is something I learned from a cheesecake recipe that I have done before. Must give the cream cheese time to set. The bread was either done, or that worked as the bread appears to be all done. I think is a great bread when you are looking for something different. It is a bit more time consuming and more dishes so it more than likely will be something I do for special occasions or when I have more time. The orange and blueberries are great together. My youngest requested strawberries next time. Maybe I’ll do that with lemon zest in the filling.

My take aways for next time:


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