Chicken Bacon Ranch

Well tonight I was going to make the million dollar casserole, buuutt I got lazy. This looked a little easier 😉 I dug through the cupboards and I had Farfalle (bowtie) pasta and canned chicken. Perfect. You can link to the original recipe here. Here are the ingredients I used (I used 2 cups of unboiled pasta. The original recipe said 8 oz, but didn’t specify if it was dry or cooked.):


The original recipe said to cook the pasta, drain, set aside, and use the same pan to start the sauce. Well I HATE it when my pasta gets cold as I don’t feel you can always get the dish to heat back up. So I started heating the water and in a separate pan started the sauce. As I started the water I started melting the butter in my separate pan and then adding the flour. I didn’t think that the recipe would be enough for us so I doubled it.


After I melted the butter and mixed in the flour I added the milk. The sauce got a little thicker and I added a the Ranch seasoning. I only added 2 tbsp instead of 4. It ended up being about 1 packet. Then when it was mixed in I added the cheese. I used colby jack as I had a block of it on hand. After the cheese had melted I added the bacon bits.


During this time my water had started boiling and I added the pasta to the water and cooked per the directions on the box. I kept a low heat on the sauce stirring once in a while the pasta was boiling. When the pasta was done I drained it and then added the canned chicken to the pasta.


Once that was mixed together I added the sauce to the pasta and chicken.


My end product seemed more like soup than a dish. My youngest even commented after his first bite if I could make the soup again sometime. Definitely means he liked it. The hubby said he liked it better soupy and it had great flavor. So even though it didn’t turn out exactly like I expected it to, I imagine I’ll be making this one again.

My modifications to the original recipe:
2 cans of chicken
bacon bits instead of cooking bacon
1 package of Ranch seasoning per double batch


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