Shaving with Baby Oil

I am so excited to do all of these great Pintrest ideas. Last night I was sitting on the couch and thought, what a great idea to try shaving my legs with baby oil. The jist of the idea is you use baby oil instead of shaving cream/soap/conditioner and it provides a close shave while moisturizing . Also this method is supposed to make your razor last longer. Sounds like a good plan.

I located a new razor, baby oil, and I put some dish soap in my sink just in case there were problems with the razor. I figured if I use a new razor I could keep track of how well it lasts.

I would have to say that this process didn’t work out so well for me. As I was shaving, it sounded awful, kind of like I was taking off the first layer of skin. It didn’t hurt or cause any discomfort as I was shaving so I continued. If it doesn’t hurt it can’t be bad right? AFterwards I didn’t feel any pain, so I thought it was good. I did notice that I got a nice close shave. I was pleased with that. That night, however, when I went to bed my legs were a bit itchy. I did notice this morning I did have some razor burn. I won’t post pictures of my pasty white legs, so you will just have to take my word on that!

Even though my experiment didn’t work, I would like to try it again changing a few things. I am always more likely to get razor burn just due to having sensitive skin. I have read previously that your skin is softer after a bath or shower, so next time I would like to try it after my bath or shower. I would also like to try using Vitamin E oil instead of baby oil. After I had tried the whole process I went back and read all the comments on the Pintrest page, as I didn’t want to be biased prior to trying my experiment. There were some very valid comments that baby oil is mostly mineral oil which doesn’t always absorb into the skin as other oils might. I googled mineral oil and didn’t get very pleasing results. Some comments made where the person noticed clumping in their razor. I had actually anticipated some of that so I had the dish soap in the sink with water in case, but I didn’t notice any odd clumping. In fact I didn’t use the water in the sink at all.

Once I get a chance to redo this experiment I’ll have to update you as well!


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