Bacon in the Oven!

So I saw a post saying you could bake Bacon in the oven! WHAT?? No way could you cook bacon in the oven, not have a HUGE mess to clean up and have it turn out nice and crispy. So I thought I’ll try a package of bacon. I would only be out $4 and I’ll know for sure if it works or not. I had some bacon in the freezer so I defrosted it by putting it in the sink with some cool water. It really only took about 15-20 min to defrost. I lined my pans with aluminum foil and spread out the bacon.


I preheated my oven to 400 degrees and after it was done pre heating I placed it in my oven. I kept a pretty close eye on it since I wasn’t sure if it would make a huge mess in my oven or what it would do. I still didn’t think it could be possible.


I would say it cooked for aprox 15-17 minutes. I took it out when I noticed it was getting brown and crisp.


Let me tell you I was AMAZED! The bacon came out flat, it was super crispy, and very little mess. I didn’t notice any mess in my oven! I just picked up the aluminum foil, folded it up carefully and put it in the trash. I didn’t notice the house smelling like bacon for hours, and I didn’t have to stand slaving over a hot stove risking getting grease burns. It was fabulous! I will definitely try that one again.

The one thing I will recommend is to remove the bacon from the pan immediately and place on paper towels. The second pan I wasn’t as quick about getting the bacon off the cookie sheet and the grease cooled on to the bacon.


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