Homemade Pizza Hut Breadsticks

I was cruising through Pintrest this morning and came across the recipe for Pizza Hut style bread sticks. Who could resist? lt might have helped that I hadn’t yet eaten breakfast and I was starving! Kind of like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Never should happen. I thought about it for a while and decided that since I have the time I should at least give it a shot. So I got out the ingredients and went to work. This was after I had to figure out how much 11/4 tsp is. (if you are curious it is 2 3/4 tsp) Sheesh.

The original site where I found the recipe is here.

I started mixing the milk, water, sugar, and yeast in my mixer with my dough hook, but to be honest unless it is a big batch it doesn’t work so well. So I switched to the mixer attachment and mixed away.


I removed the mixer attachment and put the dough hook back on, added the butter and then added the flour and garlic powder. I just added a couple shakes from the salt shaker instead of measuring it out. The recipe said to add a little flour at a time, but I put it all in at once. Luckily my mixer can handle that and I can still have a good dough.



Once the dough was all mixed up I rolled it out as stated. I find it hard to roll exactly a 9×13 pan size, so mine overlapped. I just trimmed it off and then put it in a smaller pan to rise.





I also then mixed together the topping. I have no idea what parmesan powder is so I just used grated parmesan cheese. I thought it tasted fairly the same.


The recipe said to let it raise 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Mine ended up sitting longer, aprox 2 hours or so as I decided to have them with supper and had to wait for everything else to be done. I didn’t notice a big difference in letting it go. Then before I put it in the oven I brushed olive oil on the top as gently as I could but it was hard to do as the dough was soft. I think next time I would try brushing the oil on before it rises to see how it does there. After the dough had finished rising, and I had sprinkled the toppings on I popped it in to the oven. The recipe recommended 450 for aprox 15-17 minutes. My oven is extremely old and tends to run hotter than some. I cooked it at 400 degrees for aprox 20 minutes. After it was done I cut it into pieces with my pizza cutter.


I thought these tasted amazingly like the Pizza Hut bread sticks. The boys loved them.

Take away for possible improvements next time:
The big pan maybe needed to cook a bit longer. The middle pieces weren’t as crispy as I would have liked.
Maybe I’ll cut them up prior to letting them rise as the ones in the individual pan were crispy on all sides as opposed to the bigger pan.


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