Jalapeno Popper Dip

Last night I had a New Years Eve party and I was looking on Pintrest for something new and exciting. Of course I was doing this last minute so I had to find something I A. had all the ingredients, and B. something quick and easy. I stumbled across this recipe for Jalapeno dip. You can link to the actual recipe here.

We love Jalapeno Poppers of any form at our house so why wouldn’t we like the dip? First I searched the fridge and cupboards to make sure I had all the ingredients. I luckily had exactly one cup of mayo, but I didn’t have any 4 oz cans of green chilies peppers or jalapenos. I did however have some homemade pickled jalapenos so I thought why not?

I started with the cream cheese, parmesan cheese, mayo, and garlic. I blended that all up. My blender works awesome for that type of stuff.



Then I went ahead and blended up my peppers. I estimated on those. Since typically jalapenos are hotter than the chillies peppers I used less. I thought it was fine, but was told last night that it was pretty spicy. This morning the heated up leftovers were less spicy. So it depends on what type of heat you can handle.


After I chopped the peppers using my handy dandy chopper, I mixed them by hand in to the cream cheese mixture and then stirred in bacon. I didn’t have time to cook bacon like the recipe called for, because as usual I was making this last minute! So I used my old faithful, bacon bits! I am not sure if it was because I used bacon bits or if it is because I didn’t use measurements other than estimating but I felt that the dip could have used a bit more bacon. Maybe that is just me. I like bacon.


I then put it in a casserole dish to pop into the oven.Image

And here is the finished product after I cooked uncovered in the oven at 350 degrees for aprox 20-25 minutes! I served it with crackers instead of bread that the recipe called for. Again, that silly time factor 😉


Overall we really liked this dish. It was simple, easy and didn’t require a lot. Something different when you are looking for a warm dip.




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