Naturally Flavored Water-My first adventure.


The other day I found a link for Flavored Water with natural flavoring. The key is to obviously drink more water which is good for you, but to also cut out the sugar. Beings that everyone in my family could benefit from this I looked at The Yummy Life Blog which stated to use Mason Jars and put in the fruit and herbs. Then fill the jar with ice to the top, completing the project by filling the jar with water. The longer it sets the better it gets. To start with I thought I would keep my recipe simple and just stick with some fruit. I figured I could expand my horizons later eh?

So I went to the store last night and bought some lemons, limes, and oranges. Today I sliced some oranges and lemons, put about 6 half slices at the bottom of my pitcher, loaded it with ice and then added water. I was going to use Mason jars, but I am still looking for plastic lids. Of course I would start a project and not be able to find what I wanted right away. (insert eye roll here) I put the ice in my pitcher and started to fill it with water. It took forever for my fridge water spout to put just a little water in the bottom, so I used tap water. Lets just say I was really pleased with the results. The water had a citrus flavor, but wasn’t over powering. The kids also thought that it was good. My oldest is 8 starting to ask for more pop or flavored juices, I am hoping this option will replace some of those requests. I am very excited to try additional fruit or herbs. I have some berries in my freezer that would be a welcome addition!

You can link here to see the original recipe.


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