Flavored Water

Flavored Water

I found a link for Flavored Water with natural flavoring. The key is to obviously drink more water which is good for you, but to also cut out the sugar. I looked at the site which stated to use Mason Jars and put the fruit and or herbs. To start with I thought I would keep it simple and just stick with some fruit. I figured I could expand my horizons later eh? So I sliced some oranges and lemons, put about 6 half slices at the bottom of my pitcher, loaded it with ice and then added water. It took forever for my fridge to put just a little water in the bottom, so I used tap water. Lets just say I was pleased with the results. The kids also thought that it was nice water. With my oldest who is 8 starting to ask for more pop or flavored juices, I am hoping this will replace some of those requests. I am very excited to try additional things. I have some berries in my freezer that would be a welcome addition!


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